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Removing Barriers and Building Bridges

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"we-cho-nee" Lakota/Sioux language meaning "Life"



Wiconi, a member of the Indigenous Pathways (IP) family of ministries, aims to provide education, encouragement and offer practical support to Native American families and communities in creating a preferred future. Wiconi’s primary mission is to empower and serve Native people to experience a desired quality of life and a hope-filled future through authentic relationships and culturally supportive programs. We seek to live and walk among all people in a good way, as we follow the ways of Jesus -- affirming, respecting and embracing the God-given cultural realities of Native American and Indigenous people, not rejecting or demonizing these sacred cultural ways. For information on other IP ministries, go to

The thief comes only to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

These words of the Creator do not bring religion, legalism, shame, oppression or paternalism, though sadly, Christianity often does. Our prayer is that people will experience life in abundance for their spirit, soul and body!

As First Nations or Native American people we know what it means to suffer the loss of land, dignity, self-respect, life and a way of living. Though this has sadly become the every day reality for so many of our people, our aim is help create a better future for Native people.

Through loving and respectful relationships we walk together with others in discovering genuine freedom and experiencing spiritual power to overcome the influences of darkness that oppress our lands and communities. This evil is seen in alcohol and drug abuse, the wickedness of incest, poverty, despair and the horrors of suicide. There are dark and evil spirits that are stealing, killing and destroying our people every day. In addition, there are oppressive and unjust economic and political systems that continue to prolong dependency and control. However, a better future awaits.

On this website you will find resources to educate and inspire you to walk among Native American and Indigenous people in a way that reflects the life of Jesus in a culturally relevant and contextual way.

Pilamaya yelo - thank you!

The Board & Staff of Wiconi

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