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Stories from the Field

A Sacred Healing Place

Inenimowin Circle is more than a workshop. It is about creating sacred places where the deep pain of people can meet the loving embrace of Creator God. So often I’ve heard people echo this sentiment, “When I heard others share their stories of shame, I realized I wasn’t alone in my abuse and I also could be God’s beloved child. I wasn’t excluded because of what happened.”

Standing Firm in the Blizzard

As winter sets in on the Blackfeet Reservation in northwest Montana I am reminded of the struggle and adversity it can often bring: the damaging winds, deep snow and absolute bitter cold. The reality is that just to live here requires a lot of steadfastness and resiliency.

Something Happened To Me

But an experience that stands out to us at this time is about a young First Nations man from Manitoba who came to a conference where we were ministering. This young man Fred (not his real name) had been struggling with many addictions in his life. He just could not seem to gain victory over them, no freedom, just constant struggles. Fred’s long-term addiction had even assigned him some jail time.

Recognize, Understand and Connect to Childhood Loss

The devastating impact of Residential Schools (Canada) and Boarding Schools (USA), has been front and center in the public view for many years now. The incredible pain and the effects from this era are still being felt throughout Indigenous communities across North America. Just prior to Christmas, Rick and Linda Martin (My People staff) and Jim and Jan Uttley (IP Communications) took part in an event that sought to bring healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation to former survivors of Residential Schools as well as Indigenous people presently experiencing childhood sexual abuse.



The Journey Towards Reconciliation: Looking Back--Moving forward
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You are cordially invited to a reconciliation event between First Nations and settler peoples of Vancouver Island January 25-26, 2019 at Hope Lutheran Church, located at 2174 Departure Bay Road. Hope is located on Departure Bay, a sacred place for Coast Salish Peoples. The event will enable participants to understand ways to follow through on Calls to Action from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

What: Opportunity to hear from and connect with a variety of Indigenous leaders as they reflect on shared First Peoples and Settler history in Canada and we consider ways to follow through on Calls to Action from the TRC.

Where: Hope Lutheran Church, on Departure Bay Road in Nanaimo, BC

When: January 25, 2019 Evening Blanket Exercise
January 26, 2019 All day Workshop


Nĕstooāāk: Renewing Faith
Glowing faces around the tipi fire belie the mean temperature of the late October evening. We are out on the land (Treaty 6) west of Edmonton. The sweet grass smudge is lit as the late comers grab a blanket at the entrance and are pointed to their place, circling sun-wise around the fire to the men’s side (west) or the women’s (east).

Through the Pain DVD
This Suicide Prevention DVD is still available!

The DVD highlights the seriousness of suicide in the Native North American community and provides practical tools to educate both Native and non-Native communities about this devastating social problem.
Read the latest Indigenews! Indigenews is the official newsletter of Indigenous Pathways in which My People, along with iEmergence and NAIITS is part of.
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My People (MP), one of three divisions of Indigenous Pathways, is a non-sectarian organization dedicated to working together with the Indigenous community in the development of the full leadership capacity of Native North Americans and other Indigenous peoples. Staff and volunteers focus their efforts on trauma healing workshops, community-based work, and capacity-building workshops and conferences with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Predominantly comprised of Indigenous people, staff and volunteers reflect a strong commitment to Indigenous leadership development in an intercultural setting.
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